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Hello and welcome to the Roe family. We are very pleased to welcome you here and to share our passions for being as plastic and chemical free as possible.  It's not easy but we hope to help you get started. 

This website was created after my husband and I became more aware of the waste we were producing as a family and the damage that we personally were causing to our small section of the planet.  With that came the realisation that much of what we used was plastic, whether it was the kitchen soap bottles or on the clothes we wore. We had to change our mindset of 'use, throw away, buy new'.  So we started researching new products to replace our plastic ones and we so enjoyed the journey that we wanted to bring our findings to you as well.  This was when the EcoShop was born. 

As well as removing plastic, we’ve also been trying to live a cleaner life. My mother was undergoing treatment for cancer when this site was started and whilst researching the ingredients in the products that the doctors were recommending she use, we found so many harmful chemicals and unnecessary ingredients that we were deeply shocked. Our investigations found many toxic or potentially harmful ingredients in nearly all the regular supermarket products that we were using.  So we embarked on not only being plastic free but as toxin free as possible.  We take it on trust that these products will not harm us and yet the human race is getting sicker and sicker. Our family is no exception. 

One child was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, another had respiratory issues during hay-fever season that led to asthma attacks and the need for regular pump usage; and another has developed migraines and some behaviour issues. My husband and I have also experienced health issues that have diminished since removing as many toxins as possible; him with his migraines and me with my debilitating monthly cramps.  

All these things have made us really focus on what we are putting into and onto our bodies and our homes.  What I have learnt is that not all synthetic ingredients are bad, but if we can find an alternative from nature directly then why use the fake stuff. More and more people fall ill to serious life threatening diseases, we have to stop and start asking ourselves why that is. 

We’ve become much more focused on trying to reduce the damage that we as a family are doing to the environment and to ourselves. We’re not perfect and we’re only just starting down this journey; but our long term goals are set. We have been shocked by just how many un-necessary chemicals are being put into products and subsequently into our bodies. Not to mention the huge number of single use items that end up in landfill or the plastics that still can’t be recycled and find their way into the oceans.

We hope that you enjoy being on this journey with us and we thank God for the opportunity to bring this to life. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Andy and Emilie Roe

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